Instant Facelift By BeautiControl®. No Lines. No Wrinkles. No Waiting.

You are invited for a Diva Experience! Experience fun girlfriend time and complementary Spa Treatments: #1 Premium Spa by Beauticontrol ®, Resurfacing Peel, MicroDerm Abrasion, and a “no-tox” Botox - our patented Regeneration Tight Firm & Fill. You will see & feel results INSTANTLY!

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Unforgettable Experience of BeautiControl

Everyone deserves beautiful skin, but not everyone’s skin acts the same. That’s why you need a skin care regimen that addresses the unique features of your skin’s needs. Our Skin Scientific Personalized Analysis ("skin S.P.A.") will help identify your skin condition and create a personalized regimen that gives you the products perfect for your skin, so your skin acts and looks just as beautiful as you are.
At the spa I will perform a BeautiControl’s Skin Sensor™ test and analyze the results.
I will ask you a few questions and then present you with a skin care regimen customized for your skin. Following this I will do Resurfacing Peel, MicroDerm Abrasion and a “no-tox” Botox - our amazing Instant Facelift. I will do the De-Aging Hand & Foot Treatment (16 million hands can’t be wrong!) and a Lip Exfoliation Nourishing Treatment (kissable lips).
Should you decide to host a spa at your home and invite your girlfriends for a fun “Sip and Spa” night, you will receive amazing Hostess Gift.
I will also prepare customized invitation for your guests. Let’s have fun!
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Skintastic Spa: Vision

My Vision is simple - to empower women to nurture themselves and create a routine of self care. The BeautiControl spa opportunity is one where every woman can improve their skin and reduce their stress.

Skintastic Spa: Mission

My Mission is to create innovative solutions through scientifically advanced skin care and excellent beauty products at affordable price. Beauticontrol provides the most innovative products created with leading edge technology. Beauticontrol also stays ahead of the trends and offers quality products that deliver proven results with a money back guarantee.

Skintastic Spa: Commitment

My Commitment - to my customers - is to always provide my best skin care and colour expertise - so you can look and feel your best.